Student discounts? Meet Student Superstore.

Student discounts? Meet Student Superstore.

You might be thinking how a store like Student Superstore can offer such huge discounts compared to other more well-known stores such as Currys PC World and Amazon. Well the answer is – we’re part of the Academia Technology Group. With our close relationship with Academia Ltd, we can work with a huge number of vendors and suppliers to ensure customers get the best value.

Academia Ltd has been around for 14 years and has established itself at the forefront of the Education market supplying hardware, software and services in to Universities, colleges and schools. With this experience, we have developed strong relationships with a number of vendors and suppliers than can be passed on to students and staff!

Being an Apple Solutions Expert for Education, Academia Ltd had the opportunity to apply to be on the HEPCW framework. The HEPCW (Higher Education Purchasing Consortium Wales) framework was set up on behalf of Universities to ensure they would get the best advice and value for money from the right companies. Imagine a University purchasing software with no understanding of the computer requirements, in steps Academia Ltd to ensure the University purchases the right software, the right computers, and has the right training.

Ranked number 1 on the framework, Academia Ltd are able to offer the latest Apple devices (from iMacs and MacBooks, to Accessories) at a discounted price for Higher Education – including students and staff.

So, what does this all mean for you?

Student Superstore will continue to work with vendors and suppliers to continue offering unique and exclusive pricing only available to students and staff. We already have some exciting new products in the works, so continue to check out Student Superstore regularly for exciting changes.