Full Fibre Broadband

Full Fibre Broadband – More than just Breakfast Protein

Superfast Full Fibre Broadband.  We all want it, we all crave it, we all are subjected to millions of advertising spend in demanding that we need it.  But can we actually get it?

Firstly, let’s understand one thing and decipher what we mean by superfast.  The UK Government defines superfast as providing download speeds in excess of 24Mpbs – meaning you can stream videos and games much quicker than you would over a phone network.  The higher the Mbps (Megabits per Second), the faster your connection.

Unsure on what your current speed is at home or in the office? Hundreds of free network speed test websites are out there, but we would recommend trialling Ookla and their global broadband speed test kit – http://beta.speedtest.net/

Slow connection? Read on

A recent government report has outlined the process for wider Gbps (Gigabits per second), the need for ultrafast broadband connections across the UK. This is via Full Fibre cables.  Full-fibre broadband uses fibre to the premises (FTTP) technology, which is widely regarded as the best way to deliver fast internet services.

Here, the fast-fibre optic cables run directly to homes and offices, providing a more stable, efficient and reliable connection than the hybrid copper and fibre systems.

They can also support broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps, enough to download an HD TV programme in five seconds, or a full length movie in 8 seconds.

Currently, homes and businesses are connected by a slower copper-based connection to local street cabinets (storage boxes painted green you see on most street corners) that has limits on speed and delivery or digital information.  The long term plan is to replace these with the Full Fibre option.

Currently, and not surprisingly, full fibre has been only available to government and high level companies.  Now, thanks to wise investment, Schools, Hospitals and local Business are now getting the chance to experience this new breed of high impact broadband.

As your technology partners and a Tier 2 connection for your School or Business, Academia are best placed to discuss how these upgrades can affect you.  Speak to one of the dedicated solutions architects today about what your school, university or business needs and can achieve with upgraded options.  Denying pupils and staff the chance to download the X Factor is not an option.


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