Imaging is dead

Imaging is dead

The recent WWDC event from Apple answered the usual questions on service management updates for developers of Apple related products – but what really stood out for Academia (and has been on the agenda for some time) was the final nail in the coffin for imaging on Macs.  Yes, Imaging of the Mac is dead.

The World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) outlined a keynote announcement that the Apple File System (APFS) is now standard on Mac OS 10.13 – Meaning if your Mac has an SSD (Sold Data Drive) that you will need to prepare for the reality that OS 10.13 will automatically convert images to APFS, particularly if it already has FileVault 2 enabled.

To push home the ‘death to imaging’ tagline further, the BETA release notes from Apple also outlined that NetInstall is NOT compatible with 10.13 and System Image Utility cannot be used on APFS volumes.  The notion for IT Managers in schools is that they will need to prepare for a host of internet restores, effectively looking to set up caching servers on other Macs in order to comply with the latest system settings.

Developers have been crying foul for years – Apple’s Deployment Programs including Device Enrolment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP), have seen the requirement to image macOS and iOS devices as a long dead practice.

This is nothing new for the dishevelled head of IT in your school or business, as the imaging debate has made summers long and hot in terms of battles royale against transferring and storage of endless image data files.  If only there was a solution to the madness

Thankfully, there is. If you need to deploy your devices, whether it’s Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV – Jamf Pro is your saviour. Users can now simply unbox a device and use the Jamf Pro management solution, meaning your devices are ready to go having been automatically enrolled and configured for you. Gone are the days of time consuming imaging and manually configuring individual devices – by using Jamf Pro and DEP you can now deliver a seamless experience to all your users in a shrink-wrapped box.

Jamf Image is Dead Article

This is where the idea of ‘Zero Touch’ came from and it continues to evolve with the upgraded Apple File System (APFS) which means traditional imaging as we know it is a thing of the past. Traditional imaging tools are no longer supported when it comes to macOS – institutions and businesses not adopting Apple’s Deployment Programs and Jamf Pro will not benefit from the ease of deployment that is now available.

Academia have developed this further by offering our ‘Zero Touch App Deployment’ service, fully utilising the benefits of Jamf Pro and DEP, with a simple monthly subscription model and minimal touch with maximum benefit.

Our aim is to support institutions and businesses to concentrate on what matters most – teaching, learning and a productive workforce. The offering takes away all the resource required to host and manage your macOS and iOS devices by hosting your Jamf Pro in one of our 4 Data Centres with full UK Data Sovereignty. On top of this we manage your environment from configuration changes to Application deployment – all at a fixed monthly / annual fee.

So whether you’re thinking of buying new Apple equipment or already have an estate of Apple Technology speak to Academia today for Proof of Concept, a webinar or a meeting to discuss further.

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